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Design Your Custom Frame

Design Your Frame

Use our frame designer below to create a custom picture frame for art you already have, or upload a photo that we’ll print and frame so it arrives at your door ready to hang.

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Art Size
5″ × 5″ Details

Enter the size of your art (note: it will be covered by 1/4" on each side).  

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Paper Type

What type of paper would you like this to be printed on?

All papers are a high quality choice that will produce a great print! Learn More

Photo Paper

Our Photo Paper is a semi-matte, bright white paper with a slight gloss/luster to it. It has a smooth surface and subtle sheen that will bring a brightness and richness to prints. Perfect for photographs and text-heavy images, as well as most general, all-purpose uses.

Art Paper

Our Art Paper is a cotton, natural white paper that is matte — it has no gloss or luster to it. It has the slightest warmth and a semi-smooth surface that will bring elegance and nuance to prints. Best for artwork reproductions and/or digital graphics and art.

Giclée Paper

Our Giclée Paper is a cotton, heavyweight fine art paper that is fully matte and has a slight texture to it. It has a gentle warmth and a semi-smooth texture that enhances the intricacy and richness of giclée prints. Great for fine art reproductions that are of conservation & museum quality. (Recommended DPI: 300+)

*Note that any paper type chosen here will be mounted to foamcore backing so that it never warps or bubbles. If you prefer an unmounted print, please order a separate print instead.

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Hanover in  Blue

Not sure what style to start with? Browse our curated designs for inspiration!

  • All
  • Wood
  • Metal
Most Popular Wood


Simple & Versatile

1 14" Wood

Most Popular Metal


Sleek & Minimalist

38" Flat Metal


Rustic & Unique

1 14" Natural Wood


Thin & Contemporary

34” Natural Wood


Classic & Casual

38" Rounded Metal



Industrial & Moody

78" Flat Metal


Sophisticated & Elegant

1" Natural Wood (w/ Deep Sides)


Glamorous & Dramatic

1 38" Ornate Wood



Striking & Stylish

1 38" Flat Metal



Bold & Eclectic

1” Ornate Wood


Clean & Polished

1" Flat Metal


Edgy & Architectural

1 12" Flat Metal


Whimsical & Retro

78" Rounded Metal

Best Value


Modest & Economical

1 14" Composite Wood

Continue to Step 3: Matting
Outer Mat
Inner Mat

Optional. Matting adds a decorative touch and separates your art from the cover.
This covers your art by 1/4" on each side and goes around (not into) it.

No Mat

No Mat

Perfect for posters or large prints.

Single Mat

Single Mat

Draws the eye towards the framed piece and gives it a finished look.

How much matting do I need?

Available for art sized 28" x 36" and smaller.

Double Mat

Double Mat

A second mat is used to add depth, or as an accent color for a greater effect.

How much matting do I need?

Available for art sized 28" x 36" and smaller.

Outer Mat Options:
Inner Mat Options:
Continue to Step 4: Cover
Clear Acrylic

Our glass-alternatives below look and act like glass, but are safe and easy to ship. How do these compare?

Clear Acrylic


Clear like glass. 1.5mm thick and protects your art from 66% of UV light. Perfect for the casual framer decorating their home or business.

Non-Glare Acrylic


Matted finish that elegantly diffuses light. 1.5mm thick and protects your art from 66% of UV light. Perfect for reducing glare, but not recommended for art that includes matting as it will cause a less crisp display.

Conservation Clear Acrylic

Conservation Clear

Provides superior clarity with 99% UV protection, preserving your art without color distortion. Extra durable and rigid at 3mm thick. Perfect for artists, museums, galleries, larger works, and anything that you want to preserve long-term.

Preview My Frame
Frame Size Details

This frame comes with premium Acid-Free Foamcore backing.

This frame comes with premium Foamcore backing.

Current Production Time (as of Jul 14, 2024):
3 to 5 business days + ship time

Art Size:5" x 5"
Outer Frame Size:5 3/16″ × 5 3/16″

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