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Variety &



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Variety & Flexibility

Custom sizing means no limits — let the work and/or the space dictate what size you need, not the other way around.

Here at Frame It Easy we have a variety of frame styles, and can cut any size frame from 5”x5” to 42”x62” in 1/16” increments. Choose a frame only, upload a digital print, optionally add matting (single or double), and choose from clear or non-glare museum grade acrylic.

With all of these options you can quickly create a uniform look, or easily have frames of varying sizes.


While not recommended for conservation purposes or for extremely rare/priceless works, Frame It Easy is the perfect supplement for temporary, seasonal, and specialty exhibitions, or for offering frames for your visitors to purchase.

For art you already have, we use acid-free materials (matting and foamcore backing), and our framing grade / museum quality acrylic is UV absorbent, thus protects your art from some degree of UV light.

For images you choose to have us print, mount, and frame, our print lab uses top-of-the-line large format printers and we print using archival-grade ink on premium semi-matte paper which is then dry-mounted to foamboard backing. A perfect choice for non-archival exhibits, reproductions, gift shop souvenirs, and contemporary photography.

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Lorey Wetmiller framed art in hands



We understand framing cost can be a major factor when planning an exhibit or collection.

If you’re planning a temporary, seasonal, non-archival, or specialty exhibition you can save money on frames without sacrificing quality.

Additional Revenue Stream

Looking to increase revenue streams by offering framed reproductions or prints to your visitors? Frame It Easy has an efficient (and affordable) solution!

Increase mass market offerings and visitor engagement by offering an affordable solution for them to get art into their homes. Offer printed & framed reproductions of popular pieces for a ready-to-hang solution.

Utilize our white label service at no additional charge.

Fast & Secure Shipping

Our packaging is just as custom as each frame, and each box is custom-built to fit your products specifically, from a single frame to multiple frames. This allows us to ship safely and securely, plus keeps our shipping rates fair.

Our software optimizes each box’s dimensions, so we know when and if it will be more cost effective if we send multiple boxes rather than a single oversized one. You can rest assured that you’re not only getting the best shipping rate we can offer, but your frames will arrive quickly and securely.

custom packaging for Frame It Easy frames
Bethany Hartwick framed paintings on wall in studio

How We Do It

Our proprietary machinery grants unparalleled accuracy that is completely software driven. Because of our innovative, custom-built software, we’re able to optimize every single order to the best possible cost and value, keeping sustainability in mind. With granular pricing, we take into account every frame detail (sizing, type of material, etc.) to make sure you only pay for what you order at a fair cost.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"A myriad of posters were mounted outside of our Theater just days before our Grand Opening. Frame it Easy was very helpful and accommodating to our specific requests. Promotional contacts from the film world are very pleased and museum executives have given rave reviews."
- Lydia Folks, The International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum
Gallery Des Artistes

From the photographic archives of Lawrence Schiller at the Gallery Des Artistes in New Hope, PA. (Lawrence Schiller has taken some of the most renowned photographs of icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Robert F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Bette Davis, Barbra Streisand, Muhammad Ali, plus many, many more. He sells signed, limited edition prints in Frame It Easy frames. See more from this exhibit on our Facebook page here.)

“I’m an artist and I love the Frame It Easy frames. I've used them for commissions, art shows and for customers that would like a custom frame perfect for their new artwork. I have recommended Frame It Easy to numerous artist friends. Frame It Easy is a great way for artists to not only have beautiful frames, but also save some money, and most importantly not sacrifice quality.”
- Elizabeth Karlson, Artist

Elizabeth Karlson art in gallery
“Frame It Easy has always provided the Mesa Historical Museum with a high quality, easy to use service at an affordable price. Their frames are accurately made and they provide acid free, museum quality backing with no additional charge.”
- Leon Natker MA, RPA, Executive Director Mesa Historical Museum

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