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Timeless vs Trendy Decor And Where To Add It In Your Home

It seems like every day there is a new trend in home decor, we try to keep up with all the different trends so that we can introduce them to you, but sometimes it just seems like the trends are endless. One thing we always say when it comes to home decor — break the rules and do whatever you think looks best for your space.

So how can you tell if something is classic and timeless or just a trend that won’t be popular in five years? And how can you incorporate both without breaking the bank and having to switch up your decor like your dish towel? Let us tell you!

Timeless Decor

timeless decor in living room

Your timeless decor should be your more expensive or bigger pieces. Don’t invest in a trendy couch that might not be “in style” in a few years. Instead, look for a more simple piece that you can jazz up with trendy pillows or throw blankets. Instead of choosing a trendy color like the Pantone color of the year, go for a more timeless color such as black or grey that will never go out of style and can easily fit into your next home update.

You want to be able to design a home that can grow with you as your personality changes. You might see a bright-colored, funky piece of furniture that you absolutely have to have now, but will this fit into your decor in a few years? These are just some things to consider.

Where To Add Your Timeless Decor

living room decor

As mentioned above, your timeless decor should be your more expensive pieces. Besides furniture, you should also opt for flooring, countertops and backsplashes, cabinets, trim work, and doors to all be timeless. These are big projects that would cost a lot of money to change in the future, so be sure that it is a design that you truly love and will love for years to come!

Trendy Decor

trendy decor on shelf

Get trendy with smaller pieces or things that you will most likely change out every few years. Rugs, lighting, accent pieces are just some examples of pieces that you can switch up when new trends come along. Your taste and style will change quite often over time and that’s okay! Changing up these small decor pieces can make your space feel fresh and brand new — without breaking the bank!

The word “trend” describes something that is current and popular right now. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will go out of style, but it will definitely be replaced by the next trend soon. Save some coins by not splurging on the trendy items. The patterned wallpaper that your thinking of adding to your walls? Consider framing it instead, that way you can switch it out when the time comes.

Where To Add Your Trendy Decor

bedroom decor

As we mentioned above, the trendy decor will come in and out (and maybe back in) to style many times, and if you want to keep current with what is in and what is not, you have to be prepared to be able to switch out that decor. Try to limit the number of trendy pieces you bring into your home, a few $12 accent pillows can add up over the years. While we suggested making your cabinets timeless, you can make the hardware on them trendy, since these can easily be replaced.

Making small changes around your home such as changing up the hardware on your cabinets, changing your bedside table lamps, adding new decor to your shelves, can help to completely switch up the tone and feel of your room. Styles and trends are always evolving and this is the easiest way to stay current!

Final Thoughts

large black and white photos

As we always say — do whatever you want when it comes to your home decor, after all, it is yours! As long as you think it looks good and you are happy, that’s all that matters. We hope you feel confident that after reading this post you will be able to pick the perfect timeless and trendy pieces for your space.

Timeless vs Trendy Decor And Where To Add It In Your Home

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